Artificially created attractions for tourists are not less important. Disneyland in California, Disney World in Florida, Tivoli in Copenhagen, Vauxhall Gardens in London, Skansen in Stockholm or Sentosa in Singapore are such examples.

The establishments in frontier areas devoted to gambling, drinking, prostitution or the sale of goods unobtainable or more expensive in the hometown attract tourists. The gambling casinos of Las Vegas and Nevada are such examples.

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On the international level, red light areas of Tijuana, Juarez and others near the Mexican borders are said to be bringing sixty per cent of Mexico’s tourist revenue.

The phenomenon of “frontier prostitution” exists also along the Belgian side of Belgian-Dutch border where a number of red- light cafes cater to the Dutch from the towns of the Southern Netherlands.

An innocuous form of border tourist is the shopper who wishes to take advantage of cheaper price in a foreign country. An example is Calexico, California which attracts shoppers from Mexicali in Mexico.

Everyday more than 50,000 Mexicans cross the border to buy egg, meat and other goods for their better quality and lower price.