Four more companies, namely 1. Bharat Airways, 2. Himalayan Aviation Limited, 3. Airways India and 4. Kalinga Airlines joined the air services in 1951. In 1953, the air transport was nationalized and two corporations, namely Indian Airlines and Air India International were formed.

The Airport Authority of India is responsible for providing safe, efficient air traffic and aeronautical communication services in India. It manages more than 125 airports, out of which 12 are international airports.

In April 1992, the government of India introduced the Open Sky Policy for cargo. It was to help the Indian exporters to make their exports more competitive. Under this policy, foreign airlines or associations of exporters can bring any freighter to the country.

Characteristics of Air Transport:

1. Aeroplanes fly according to pre-decided time schedule.

2. Aeroplanes fly through definite corridors while crossing over different countries due to safety reasons.

3. Air transport is the most suitable mode of transport for long distances.

4. It is not suitable for transporting heavy goods. However, under special conditions the aeroplanes can take army tanks with them.

5. Light, costly and perishable goods are transported by aeroplanes.

6. It is suitable for relief operations at any place, at the time of calamities and emergencies, such as floods-earthquakes, accidents, etc.

7. Air transport is suitable for hilly, desert, in accessible areas where other means of transport are not favourable.

The air transport in India was managed by Indian Airlines (domestic airline) and Air India (international airline) after the nationalization in 1953. After liberalization was introduced in our country, many privately owned airlines joined the air transport system of our country.

The private scheduled airlines, such as Jet Airways, Kingfisher, and Spicejet. Indigo, etc. now operate not only within India, but also too many other countries of the world. In 2005, the domestic passengers were more than 25 million and the cargo was also more than 25 lac tons. The share of the private sector airways has increased very rapidly.