We thank you for sending your zonal sales representative on request.

We request you to adhere to our credit terms which, if agreed upon shall favour you with continuous repeat orders. He has, satisfied our queries fully and taking into consideration of requirement, made valuable suggestions also providing copies of your catalogue. Thus, we have prepared our enclosed order.

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Enclosed herewith is a post-dated cheque. Kindly see to it that the good are carefully packed and handled and also dispatched immediately.

Thanking you
Yours faithfully,
(Your Name)

Reply to the Above

Dear Sir,

Thank you for your order of dated ____________ along with the cheque. You will be glad to know that all goods have been packaged with utmost precision and ready for dispatch, which, as per my knowledge, would be done today itself.

We trust that the consignment reaches you in time and in perfect condition and induce you to send us more orders in near future.

Be sure of our ever best co-operation,

(Your Name)