The growing mosquito menace in the locality in the recent times has led to the outbreak of malaria in virulent form. The following reasons are attributed to the mushroom growth of mosquito in the locality.

(a) Most of the drains are uncovered practically without outlets resulting in stagnation of contaminated water and as such the drains have becoming the breathing ground of mosquitos.

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(b) There are heaps of rubbishes and refuse lying helter skelter on the roads in absence of any dustbins and they remain uncleaned by the scavengers for days together. This area has now turned highly polluted spreading foul odour all around and the number of mosquito’s have become plenty as a result.

Needless to mention, when the number of mosquito’s have increased so rapidly in the locality mainly on account of the above reasons, people living in the area are very much restless to get rid of the mosquito’s dispelling the attack of virulent form of malaria.

I would, therefore, request your good- self to take immediate action in the matter on war-footing by cleaning the garbage’s on permanent basis spraying parricide and washing out the stagnant and polluted water from the drains regularly.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,
(Your Name)