It is an extension of MBO, which also provides individuals with tools and techniques to achieve performance objectives, thus enabling individuals to be successful.

An organization must not let data integrity or availability issues derail the implementation process. There usually will be data issues when first starting up a measurement system. The desired data will be suspect or not even available.

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Many people in the organization would want to give up on the system, stating that it is not worth their time.

Managers, however, must show persistence and perseverance to work through the data issues- working through the data integrity issues, finding ways to access the desired data, or finding alternative types or sources of data while ensuring standardized reporting as well as presentation.

Varying the formats between operations in an organization and between review periods adds unnecessary variation to the measurement system.

The variation results in wastage of time, which is spent understanding the content presented and varying the formats. However, it must be noted that standardization itself would be a factor contributing to resistance among organizational employees.