Dear Sir,

This is for your Kind information that I was in service at ____________ (Place Name), the metropolis of ____________ (Place) for the last ____________ (Year) and there was no public distribution system and as such there was no question of drawing ration against ration card from there.

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Now, my services have been transferred to ____________ (Place) as per copy of letter ____________ (Date) of transfer orders enclosed. In ____________ (Place) I along with the members of my family am putting up at________________ (Address of Residence).

I would, therefore, request you to arrange issuance of new Ration Cards in favour of me and the members of my family, as per details given below:

Kindly be informed that I wish to draw ration at my new place from Ration Shop No. ____________ , ____________(With address).

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,
(Your Name)