She expressed her happiness saying that the school is continually improving in all aspects, however, advised the children to read more and more and not to waste time on watching TV.

Then our correspondent read the annual report. It indeed bored us, though we knew the importance of it. After he finished reading, the prize distributing ceremony began. It was Mr. V.K.Gupta, IAS, district collector, the chief guest who presided over the function and gave away the prizes to the children who had won in the different competitions held before.

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I too got four prizes of which, one for my neatly pressed uniforms and well polished shoes with which I attended the school throughout the year!

Thereafter the chief guest gave a speech, recalling his school days and how he faked sickness and took leave to avoid mathematics! He said school life has no parallel and urged us to maintain cordial relationship with all. His frank and amusing speech delighted us all. Finally, he briefed about some good habits and excused himself.

At 7.00 p.m. began the dance and drama. Tiny tots from kindergarten classes put up different plays like teacher and students, road safety, part of Ramayana and Mahabharata, Gandhian thoughts and many. Of all these, there was one short, humorous play by a couple of Std. II boy and girl that was very interesting.

The boy enacted the role of a tiger and the girl, a bunny! The tiger wanted to eat up die bunny. But every time die crafty bunny fools the mighty tiger and escapes. The theme, the script, their body language – all these were hilarious!

At 8.30 p.m. the function ended with a vote of thanks. We all stood up when die national anthem played and then left. Thus went on our annual day, much to the delight of all. However, every annual day is unique and would last long in the memory, as long as my memory lasts!