2. Adulteration of Fats and Oils:

It is easy to adulterate oils and fats. But it is difficult to detect such adulteration. Ghee is often mixed with hydrogenated oils and animal fats. Synthetic colours and flavours are added to other fats to make them appear like ghee.

3. Food Grain Adulteration:

Food grain adulteration involves mixing sand or crushed stones to increase the weight of food grains. Cereal grains and pulses are mixed with plastic beads that resemble grains in colour and size. Very often, water is also sprayed on grains to increase the weight.

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4. Other Adulterations:

Chilli powder is often mixed with brick powder, while tea leaves are often mixed with used tea leaves. These adulterations are very harmful to the consumer and they should be addressed by consumer organizations and consumers seriously.