4. No compulsion should be applied in setting up the councils, and only permissive legislation and resolution be favoured.

5. The scheme should be initially tried out in a selected number of public undertakings in the public and private sectors;

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6. There should be only one single council for the undertaking as a whole;

7. The employees’ representatives should be nominated by the trade union concerned, and not more than 25% of the employees’ representatives should be outsiders;

8. The size of the joint council should be restricted to 12 persons; and

9. The joint council should meet during working hours;

10. Faith in the benefits of the other party; and there must be full recognition of the rights and claims of both the parties;

11. A comprehensively developed workers’ education programmes.

12. It would cover all public sector undertakings, except those specifically exempted;

13. All the undertakings run on departmental lines by the central governmental will be excluded;

14. It will operate both at the shop floor and the plant levels;

15. The employees and employers shall have equal representation on all the participative forums.

16. The functions of the participative forums would be as laid down in the scheme and can be modified with the consent of both the parties;

17. Study the existing statutory and non-statutory schemes;

18. Recommend the manner in which the concept of trusteeship in industry and the participation of workers in equity can be given a practical shape in a scheme of workers’ participation;

19. A strong trade union which has the virtues of unity and self-reliance so that it may effectively take part in collective bargaining or participate in management;

20. A genuine desire to work together whole-heartedly and co-operate with others in implementing policies;

21. Real participation and timely implementation of the decision reached at;

22. Representation of Workers on Board of Directors and Participation of-Workers’ in Share Capital. The worker’s participation scheme should be implemented in true letter and spirits.