3. Willful damage or loss of employer’s goods or property.

4. Taking or giving any bribes or illegal gratification.

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5. Habitual absence without leave or unauthorised absence for more than a certain number of days.

6. Habitual late attendance.

7. Habitual breach of any law applicable to the establishment.

8. Riotous or disorderly behaviour during working hours at the establishment or any act subversive of discipline.

9. Habitual negligence or neglect of work or frequent repetition of any act or omission for which fine may be imposed.

10. Striking work or inciting others to strike in contravention of any law.

11. Adopting go-slow tactics.

12. Collecting or canvassing for the collection of funds for any trade union or canvassing for its membership during working hours within the company premises.

13. Distributing or exhibiting inside the factory any newspapers, handbills, pamphlets or posters without the previous sanction of the manager.

14. Refusal to work on another machine of the same type.

15. Holding general meetings inside the factory premises without the previous sanction of the manager.

16. Disclosing to any unauthorised person any information in regard to the working or “process” of the factory which comes into the possession of the workman during the course of his work.

17. Sleeping or dosing while on duty.

18. Refusing to accept a charge sheet, order or other communication.

19. Interfering or tampering with the records of the company.

20. Conviction by any court of law for any criminal offence involving moral turpitude.

21. Smoking within the factory except in places where smoking is permitted.