i. Curbing reckless and unscientific use of water resources and minimising their wastage.

ii. Promoting recycling and re-use of water.

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iii. Controlling water pollution and purifying polluted water for agricultural and industrial uses.

iv. Diverting the flood water to water deficient and drought-prone areas.

v. Creation of more water storage reservoirs.

vi. Make arrangements for inter-basin transfer of surface water.

vii. Adopt measures to raise the underground water level.

viii. Adopting such methods of irrigation, which require minimum water, such as drip irrigation?

ix. Curbing reckless use of groundwater and develop techniques of recharging and augmentation.

x. Solve the problem of water logging, salinity, water pollution and for maintaining ecological balance.

xi. Preparing water budget on regional and national basis.

xii. Storing rainwater for use during the dry season, i.e. rainwater harvesting.